ABD’s Engineered Building System (EBS): utilizes leading-edge building materials, design drafting, structural engineering, value-added finishing, plus accessory materials necessary for simple and efficient assembly of homes and commercial buildings.

ABD's Engineering Building System includes load bearing structure, sheathing, and insulation for exterior walls, partition walls, roof, and flooring.

ABD's Engineering Building System replaces conventionally built 2x stud framed exterior walls, partition walls, and roof trusses, which requires carpenters to measure and cut lumber to fit according to architectural plans, before adding sheathing, and installing insulation.

ABD’s Engineered Building System is:

Faster - Stronger - Quieter - Safer -"Green"

Residential homes and commercial buildings built with ABD's Engineered Building System benefit from simplicity of assembly, reduced construction time, increased structural strength, sound insulation, energy efficiency, and fire resistance; plus the raw materials are environmentally "Green Built".

ABD's Engineered Building System can be used for new construction, and it easily integrates with conventional construction, like with remodels, plus it is easily modified in the field.