New Builder Paradigm

An example of ABD's Engineering Building System efficency:

Average US Home with 2,300 Sq. Ft. and 2-Floors

After Completion of Foundation:
Assemble 1st Floor Wall Panels with a crew of six (6) 0.5
Immediately Begin Installing Windows, Doors, & Electrical Wiring
Build 2nd Floor with TGIs or Floor Truss and Sub-flooring 0.5
Assemble 2nd Floor Wall Panels 0.5
Finish Installation of Windows and Electrical Wiring
Assemble Roof Panels 0.3
Total Time 1.8

After 1.8 days start exterior finishing, interior stud walls, dry wall, then install cabinets, appliances, and bath fixtures.

Utilize modern, efficient construction techniques not possible before ABD’s Engineering Building System. Change from building to assembling, and change from sequential construction to simultaneous construction process.